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New Bulletin Board concept

In this month of November, a new bulletin board concept has been launched in the ULMA Group. Our everyday board has now given way to an interactive digital board.
New Bulletin Board concept
Nov 29, 2017

This is a pilot test that will serve to test this new format, analyse its acceptance, collect feedback and improve the software as much as possible, always taking into account the needs of the workers.

The aim is to reduce paper consumption in these types of environments and encourage the use of the board through a more dynamic and participatory approach. Additionally, energy consumption has been taken into account, and a low-power panel has been added, alongside a computer program that automatically turns the screen on and off.

The ULMA Group encourages you to participate in this pilot experience and, as always, all contributions will be welcome.

The following is a video in which you can see how the screen works and the features it has: