Matz-Erreka, S.CoMatz-Erreka, S.Coop. visits ULMA Forklift Trucks — ULMA Begira

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Matz-Erreka, S.CoMatz-Erreka, S.Coop. visits ULMA Forklift Trucks

Representatives of the Matz-Erreka, S.Coop. (Antzuola) Technical Support and Quality Service visited the ULMA Carretillas Elevadoras facilities in Oñati last Friday, to get to know on location the development of Sat Online which has been recognized as an example of Good Practise by the Mondragon Group.
Matz-Erreka, S.CoMatz-Erreka, S.Coop. visits ULMA Forklift Trucks
Feb 27, 2013

The meeting was very positive due to the exchange of experiences between the heads of the SAT Online Project and the representatives of Matz-Erreka S.Coop., a company with a 50-year history as specialists in developing Automation for Doors, automatic doors, precision plastics and fixing elements.

SAT Online was developed due to the need for tools to help bring an improved management system for the fleet of ULMA forklift trucks which the client may acquire by leasing or ownership. This project has enabled SAT action processes to be standardized and optimized to be able to access data in real time and to have a tool which speeds up the manual administration tasks, hence enhancing customer support.

The SAT Online application and the E-Commerce spare part sales site developed by ULMA were recognized and incorporated by the MONDRAGON Corporation into the Good Practises Process last year. With this system MONDRAGON Corporation identifies and passes on the successful experiences developed by the businesses which make up the Group in the aim to share out experiences and knowledge to everyone.

With this in mind, ULMA Carretillas Elevadoras has planned an open day for the end of the year for all those companies which are interested in getting to know the source, the features and the results of either of these two projects.