Korrika 20 arrives at Oñati — ULMA Begira

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Korrika 20 arrives at Oñati

On Saturday, 8 April, Korrika arrives at Oñati. Last week, ULMA participated in the first kilometres of the Korrika race, from Otxandio to Luko, which counted on the participation of workers from ULMA Conveyor, ULMA Handling Systems, and ULMA Construction Goiain. This Saturday, ULMA Foundation and other ULMA businesses will be running in Legazpi and Oñati.
Korrika 20 arrives at Oñati
Apr 06, 2017

The following are the kilometres and schedules:

  • With ridge KM 2286-1: between Brinkola and Udana, ULMA Packaging, 11:14 am.
  • With ridge KM 2298: ULMA Foundation and the colleagues, friends and family members of Joseba Zabaleta, worker at ULMA Packaging , to encourage Joseba and her relatives.  At 12:37 pm.
  • With ridge KM 2299, 2 zones: · 2299-1: ULMA Embedded, ULMA Packaging, ULMA Architectural Solutions, and ULMA Carretillas Elevadoras. · 2299-2: ULMA Construction and ULMA Piping. At 12:43 pm.


Thanks to the campaign at ULMA in favour of Korrika, the amount of €2,670 was raised, with 4 kilometres and materials for Korrika being purchased for the draw among the people who made a donation. ULMA Foundation has also collaborated with Korrika in the purchase of two kilometres.

Tipi-tapa, tipi-tapa, KORRIKA!