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Do you want to be the next ULMA cooperator in Brazil?

We are looking for a ULMA partner who wishes to travel to Brazil as a cooperative with Mundukide, joining a team with experience in management and development cooperation and working together with MST, one of the largest social movements in the world to share the cooperative experience of ULMA with people who come from other cooperative realities.
Do you want to be the next ULMA cooperator in Brazil?
Dec 09, 2020

You will work in a different cultural and social environment that will enable your self-management, organisational and communication skills. In short, it is an experience to revitalise cooperative values.

The conditions offered by Mundukide for this position are an employment contract in Spain and the allocation of a 100% rate of your salary to the Spanish Social Security. ULMA will make a donation equivalent to the salary cost to Mundukide and will facilitate and compensate the contribution to Lagun-Aro, EPSV during the validity of the partner’s employment contract with Mundukide (due to retirement, widowhood, or disability).

In addition, it grants the member person an initial negotiated, extendable leave of absence of 2 years, so that that person can join the Mundukide programme in Brazil. Following the completion of the contract, with a 3-month notice, the member will return to ULMA with the contractual situation that they had just before the negotiated leave of absence. To this end, an active search will be carried out for a job in the same Professional Group to facilitate the return of the member to ULMA.

You will find the working conditions here.

Come on, Brazil awaits you!