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Comprehensive formwork and scaffolding systems at Riyadh Metro

ULMA, in alliance with ATTIEH, our official partner in Saudi Arabia, provided the comprehensive formwork and scaffolding systems for this important infrastructure, designed with six lines stretching a total of 175 km, intended to serve the needs of this city with a current population of 5.7 million, which is expected to grow to 8.3 million by 2030.
Comprehensive formwork and scaffolding systems at Riyadh Metro
Oct 31, 2018

Riyadh is a Saudi Arabian city that – like any big city anywhere in the world – is home to a high density of vehicular traffic. An underground rail network was built in order to reduce traffic and improve both access to and communication between the city centre, the airport, and the financial district.

Retaining walls were built in three different phases using single-sided formwork systems made of standard material.The tunnel walls, 6 m in height, were built using ORMA Modular FormworkAssembly and disassembly was extremely efficient thanks to its large panels with few accessories.

Large infrastructural projects such as this always require many working platforms at different levels as well as a system of temporary access routes including stairways, footbridges, and other structures. BRIO Multidirectional Scaffolding was used to create this access network given that it is certified under European safety standards and is extremely flexible, permitting the construction of all types of structures from a small number of standardised components.