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BESA (Bernardo Ecenarro) opens its doors to automation with ULMA Handling Systems

Bernardo Ecenarro (BESA), a paint manufacturer specialising in the production of Special Paint and Coatings, has automated its productive plant in Azkoitia (Guipúzcoa). Thanks to ULMA Handling Systems, the new logistical system will allow the company to automate the whole process from end of production line to dispatch, thus improving its productivity and efficiency
Dec 09, 2016


The logistic automation project was created at the same time as the project for BESA’s new production plant. Bernardo Ecenarro already operated a smart warehouse in their older installations. As the company’s CEO, Guilermo Ecenarro, explains: “For this reason, we had no doubt whatsoever about automating the logistics of our new installations, as we were fully aware of the associated advantages, such as speed in the picking process, reduction of errors, better stock control, etc.”.


The solution that ULMA has developed for the new BESA production plant consists of an automatic transport system and an automated storageorder preparation and order dispatch system.

Once the production process has been completed, the finished products arrive at the warehouse. It is the AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles, guided by laser) that then automatically transport the pallets and place them in the incoming products transporter of the automated storage system.

The BESA warehouse is formed by 2 Unit Load stacker cranes, which operate in 4 corridors, through a traverser with a capacity of more than 10,000 pallets and 1 Mini Load stacker crane that can handle more than 2,200 containers. Furthermore, the installation includes an STV System (Sorting Transfer Vehicle) which brings the merchandise into the warehouse.

The project also includes an order preparation system based on Pick To Light devices, both in the pallet and container areas.

Once the orders have been prepared, the VTD trolley connects the orders with the dispatch conveyor belt.



Thanks to the automated warehouse, BESA has been able to improve the efficiency and productivity of its intra-logistical processes. Furthermore, agility in the preparation of orders now allows us to offer a 24-hour delivery service, while minimising errors in the picking process.

The combination of the palletising and containerising systems has made us more agile, as we prepare the orders in each system depending on different factors, such as stock rotation, size, etc.”. - Guillermo Ecenarro.