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Berria subscription period now open

Eight years have elapsed since the Berria newspaper and the ULMA Group signed a collaboration agreement, having accepted the proposal put by ULMA Group’s Basque Language Committee.
Berria subscription period now open
Feb 11, 2015

As part of its commitment to protecting and promoting Basque culture and language, ULMA Group supports measures that normalise the use of the Basque language in the workplace. To this end, through its Foundation and the agreement signed in 2007 with the Berria newspaper, the ULMA Group aims to create and maintain an environment conducive to the day-to-day use of the Basque language, in this case providing employees with the chance to read regularly in Basque, making the newspaper available to the greatest possible number of readers.

For the new subscription period ULMA Group workers and members can either continue with their Berria subscription from 2007 or subscribe for the first time and enjoy the improved more accessible terms resulting from the support offered by the newspaper itself and the ULMA Foundation.

Should you be interested in either of the options mentioned, you can still benefit from the new conditions until Friday 13 February by completing the downloadable subscription form at Portalde or from your Business Unit’s Human Resources Department and returning it to the HR Department or by email to the ULMA Group Central Offices at