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Affordable solutions with USM Finance

ULMA Forklift Trucks has known since 2006 that it should keep a step ahead of future market requirements
Affordable solutions with USM Finance
Sep 12, 2013

Six long years have passed since 2006, one of the years of highest economic growth in the last business cycle, when ULMA Forklift Trucks decided to keep a step ahead of future market needs and offer flexible, innovative financing services for purchasing handling equipment.

This has been a difficult period when sales figures have plummeted, showing that the goods handling machinery sector is one of the markets most sensitive to credit and credit terms: fleet renewal means heavy investment for companies, who are often forced to extend their original contracts and even to dispense with their machines due to lack of financing, affecting their productivity.

ULMA Forklift Trucks, in line with its commitment over recent years to taking on its customers’ problems and backed by USM Finance, has presented its “affordable solutions” campaign for the last quarter of 2013, offering totally flexible financing that will largely release customers from contractual commitments and allow them to choose between financial products tailored to critical variables such as the useful life and residual value of their machines and other standard formulas, whenever the application allows.

In addition to presenting the new models launched in 2013 the campaign, whose most relevant feature involves savings in consumption and maintenance, aims to provide all companies of whatever size with the possibility of financing the purchase of equipment so that they can dedicate their financial resources to other investments thereby enhancing business development.