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Iñaki Gabilondo General Manager of the ULMA Group

The fundamental abilities for dealing with the situation have been reacting quickly, articulating decisive responses and understanding that the only way out was going through it together.

Jul 19, 2017
Iñaki Gabilondo Celebrates 8 Years as General Manager of the ULMA Group We’ve been wanting to spend some time with him to take stock of his tenure and find out about the challenges the ULMA Group is facing now and in the future.

After 8 years as the General Manager, what’s your analysis of that time? What issues would you highlight as being the most significant?

They’ve been and continue to be difficult times for the businesses. First off when the crisis broke out that was so brutal because of its depth and international scope. Since then there have been other, more local, crises that have been emerging almost continuously and that’s created a sense of uncertainty and instability that’s become part of our day to day activities.


From the beginning, the situation coming just around the corner was very clear. I’d point out a few things that have been key to being able to handle the situation.
-.Fast reactions by both the various entities and the collectives.
-.Instead of compromising, a clear and decisive response was articulated.
-.Understanding that the only way out was to go through it together.