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AINHOA FERNANDEZ. Director of Personnel Management at ULMA Packaging

TALENT MANAGEMENT. “We try to establish stable and lasting ties, in which both companies and schools work to align academic training and working life.”

Jul 18, 2018
Currently many of our Human Resources departments are fully involved in a task that concerns and occupies everyone - the recruitment and retention of talent. We have therefore initiated a series of interviews with the HR managers of our Businesses to gauge their opinion and for them to describe how, together, they are approaching the need to attract and retain Talent and develop our existing human resources, at the Group level and in their own business.

:: At what stage of need is ULMA Packaging in regarding the issue that concerns us. Is it currently a priority for the Business?

At ULMA Packaging we have been experiencing a strong growth for the last 4 years and our strategic commitment is precisely this, to continue growing in the coming years. To achieve this, from the personnel management department and from other areas, we have been engaged in talent developing personnel management and attraction projects since 2016 - this is a priority.

We have different technological challenges, multiple innovative solutions, a major international presence... all this makes us a competitive company, but we know that the bedrock of our future success is the more than 1,500 people that make this project possible. These people are our key players.

One of our objectives is to commit to attract talent so that we can continue to grow. To do this, we need to appoint more than 150 people throughout 2018, but we also need the collaboration and commitment of our team, because at ULMA Packaging every individual is vital. Accordingly, integrated talent management is one of our priorities. To meet our objectives we need to develop each of our people professionally, and at the same time, attract new people to an ambitious project like ours.


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