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“The ULMA Group has been built by people and the future of the group must also be led by people”

Dec 19, 2019
Lander Diaz de Gereñu was selected by the Ordinary General Assembly of ULMA. Group this past 14 of June as the new president of the General Council of ULMA Group for a period of 4 years. In spite of being in the position for just a few months, Lander gives us his view on some of the current events at ULMA.
:: Lander, you have been the chairman of ULMA Group for just a few months now but... what is your general assessment of things throughout this time? The expected?
When one accepts a position such as this one it is difficult to come to terms with what this means. My experience throughout the last four years as chairman of one of the largest businesses of ULMA Group has helped me greatly but a change of this magnitude is a qualitative leap.
When you become the chairman of a business, a world opens to you and even though you knew it was there, it was unknown. The global vision that is obtained from this business is absolutely necessary to exercise these duties and having to be part of different bodies such as the Board of Directors, the Executive Board and the Social Council allows having direct contact with personnel that are “fighting” every day to solve the problems that arise and especially long term issues.
Being the chairman of ULMA Group offers and requires that qualitative leap that is taken in the business but at a group level. This means dealing directly with personnel that are working in other businesses and in central departments as well as attending many different bodies and committees where group issues are discussed affecting more than one business.


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