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The documentary Elkarrekin – Together arrives in Oñati

Feb 07, 2018
ULMA invites you to watch the documentary Elkarrekin – Together.

Within the collaboration agreement between ULMA and the documentary producer, two screenings will be heldin Oñati. The first one will be held on 14 February, Wednesday, at 7:30 pm in the Kultur Etxea cinema hall..

The second screeningwill be held in private, exclusively for ULMA workers. In this case, it will be held on 21 February, Wednesday, at 6:00 pm, in the auditorium of the Central Departments of the ULMA Group (Garagaltza 51).

The documentary Elkarrekin – Together tells the expedition carried out by a group of Basque archaeologists to the island of Maine, in the United States. The archaeological discovery has brought to light the collaboration that existed 500 years ago between the natives and the Basque whale fishermen. The coexistence between two peoples. This story shows us that coexistence between two different cultures is possible.

Elkarrekin – Together


“For Native Americans, two crossed arrows symbolise the union of two clans or people. Two crossed arrows are a sign of coexistence and friendship.”