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ULMA donates two ambulances to Ukraine

Solidarity has been, is and will be one of the traits that most strongly define the identity of all people who are part of ULMA.
ULMA donates two ambulances to Ukraine
Jun 14, 2023

For this reason, this year, we have mobilized to collaborate with all the people affected by the war in Ukraine so that all possible help reaches those who need it most.

This has been the case with the purchase and donation to Ukraine of two medicalized ambulances by ULMA and which will make it possible to attend to emergencies and needs that arise. For this, we have had the help of several Ukrainian volunteers who are in Spain. They will be in charge of taking the ambulances to Ukraine during the third week of June.

Money donated by employees from ULMA covered part of the cost of buying these two ambulances. These donations reached an amount of €7,691.

From ULMA, we want to thank everyone who have contributed to this charitable cause. We will continue collaborating so that the different humanitarian projects within our aid program for Ukraine become a reality. We will inform you as soon as they become a reality.