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The women's cycling race ULMA Challenge is here

On July 15, women's cycling in Gipuzkoa and the Basque Country will take another step. To promote and consolidate grassroots cycling, we have organized the ULMA-Challenge for the first time.
The women's cycling race ULMA Challenge is here
Presentation of the ULMA-Challenge held at the ULMA Group Headquarters auditorium.
Jul 12, 2023

It is a female cycling event that will consist of a time trial and an online event. The most regular cyclist in both disciplines will win the txapela as the winner. The challenge combines two disciplines in a single race. The aim is to offer the best spectacle possible and give more entity to grassroots women's cycling events.

Organized by the sports club Aloña Mendi K.E. de Oñati and the cycling school Lokatza Z.E. de Bergara with the support and sponsorship of ULMA. The ULMA-CHALLENGE will qualify for the EMAKUMEZKOEN EUSKALDUN TXAPELKETA. In total, 120 cyclists in the junior and cadet categories will take part in the race.

The ULMA-CHALLENGE will begin at 11:00 with a 1.3 km individual time trial in Bergara starting in Bergara and finishing in the San Martzial neighborhood.

The online test in the afternoon will start and finish in Oñati. The cadet category will start at 15:15 and will have to complete a 32-kilometre route. Junior runners will start at 4:30 p.m. to complete a 42-kilometre route. In both categories, they will take the exit next to the ULMA headquarters and from there they will head towards Bergara and then return to Oñati to the finish line located next to the Faculty of Enpresagintza.

The presentation of the ULMA-Challenge held in the ULMA Group Central Departments auditorium was attended by the vice president of ULMA Oier Araiztegi, the mayor of Oñati Izaro Elorza, the mayor of Bergara Gorka Artola, the president of the Gipuzkoa Federation of Cycling Santi Osoro and the former cyclist and female sports technician Ainhoa ​​Ostolaza.

In the words of ULMA Vice President Oier Araiztegi, the objective of this race is to do "our bit" by supporting women's grassroots sports. “Our wish is that this race becomes a unique showcase to get to know our surroundings and show what these cyclists are capable of. We want to give women's cycling the place it deserves”, stressed the vice president of ULMA Oier Araiztegi.