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Broad and positive response to the Corporate News survey by the Group members and Workers; ULMA has something to tell you

Feb 11, 2020
In January, we conducted a survey among the people of all ULMA Businesses about the Corporate News, with very satisfactory results.

There were 214 replies received, and 96.26% of people responded positively regarding the real interest they have in this newsletter, stating that the frequency of sending is appropriate and that the most interesting section is Social Issues, with 85.51%. Other topics of interest are work communications, with 75.70%, and sweepstakes, with 68.69%.

The responses also show that our people wish to be informed about the ULMA Group, Business in general and the activities being developed, both at the level of projects and of social issues. To thank the collaboration of the ULMA people, a sweepstakes was held, the winner being Iñigo Martínez de Zuazo, from ULMA Packaging.

In short, the overall satisfaction of the ULMA Group’s partners and workers with the News has increased to 96.26%, which indicates that there is support for corporate and digital communication, which enjoy very good acceptance among our group.

This data will help us to improve the design of the News and its contents in the future. Thanks everybody!