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Women on the ULMA governing councils (II)

Dec 09, 2021
In April’s Begira we produced a first report on the presence of women in ULMA’s corporate bodies. Now, at the end of the year, we wish to continue that investigation.

As we commented back in April, the ULMA Group’s activity has always been technical and industrial, which has meant that the representation of women has generally been lower. Even so, from the 1980s, many women have been involved in the Governing Councils of our Cooperatives. In this report we bring together the testimonies of two more women who have been active in this area.

To date only 20% of ULMA's staff are female. Most of the Businesses have historically been managed by men, but women are playing an increasingly prominent role. Likewise, on the representative bodies specifically, the Governing Councils, female membership is increasingly reflective of their general representation in the Group (80% men, 20% women).

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