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Women on the Mujeres de ULMA ULMAen la década de los 60 governing councils

Apr 14, 2021
The activity of the ULMA Group companies has always been technical and industrial. Women, in general, have been less present, as they also have on the management and representation bodies. However, since the 1980s, many women have been members of the Governing Councils of our Cooperatives, and some have been president.

This issue contains the first of two reports that we have produced on this subject, with the testimonies of two women who have had major roles on this journey.

The ULMA Group's businesses are industrial and, therefore, we usually say that they are typically male cooperatives. Only 20% of the people who work in the different cooperatives are women.
Since the 1980s, women have also participated in the Governing Councils of the business and, throughout these years, numerous women have held presidential positions. The experience of women at ULMA in leadership positions is nothing new and, with a view to the future, they are a useful point of reference for enhancing and encouraging female participation.


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