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We have reached issue 50 of the begira magazine

Dec 15, 2020

We approached several ULMA workers and they have given us their opinion about what they like most about Begira magazine and what they would improve.

1. What section do you  like or are you most interested in?
2. What would you improve?

JON ELORZA. ULMA Architectural Solutions

I would say that the most interesting section of the magazine is “news and current affairs”, since this is the ideal place to find out what the other ULMA Group Businesses are working on and what they are achieving. However, I have to admit that the section I like the most is “ULMA Talents”. It is a clear sign of the quality of the people around us and I am enormously surprised by the abilities of the staff.

The truth is that not much. The content is very appropriate, the photos of the people are great and the layout is very attractive. Perhaps, in the “news and current affairs” section, I would put the news of each business area one after the other.

MONTSE MOROTE. ULMA Conveyor Components

I really like to read the staff section or the stories of people outside the work environment and also the section on people...


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