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ULMA Handling Systems delves into the health sector

The logistics oriented towards the health sector has become increasingly important in ULMA Handling Systems where the combination of engineering and new technologies for the health sector occupy an interesting niche in today's market.
ULMA Handling Systems delves into the health sector
Jul 21, 2014

In this context comes a new business line oriented towards the health sector, which focuses its activity on providing in-hospital logistics’ solutions. It currently has memberships with companies such as Oppent, Pharmathek and Omnicell, which offer pneumatic systems/AGVs and robotic dispensers, respectively, for the Latin American market. Aitor Elorza responsible for business line Studies and Offers indicates that "The challenge currently facing the health sector focuses on providing an efficient solution to the storage system and materials management in hospitals, considering the safety and traceability of the vitally important product parameters."
The experience and knowledge gained in recent years have resulted in the development of various projects setting an example in conceptualization and design. The project developed for the Hospital de la Florida, located in Santiago, Chile, has been an important milestone for both ULMA and Chile, since it will be the first fully automated hospital in Chile.
The project has an automatic storage system managed by two ULMA horizontal carousels, a warehouse management system and an order preparation system to group orders, using the Pick to Light Systems' devices. Logistics automation allows full traceability of the medicines: from their receipt in the hospital store until they are dispensed for the patient's use.
Also to be highlighted is the development of a project for the Imbanaco Medical Centre of Colombia, which will be the first major reference for ULMA's activity regarding hospital logistics. The logistics project will have two horizontal carousels and one vertical carousel. In addition, there will be automated dispensing cabinets, Pick to Light devices and IK Health software.
This is the context for the opening of a new branch of ULMA Handling Systems in Santiago, Chile, that will guide the study and development of projects oriented towards the healthcare sector. Professionals who have a proven track record in the health sector will work in the subsidiary branch, and they will receive the support of the Head Office for the direction and development of projects oriented towards this sector.p>

"Healthcare Logistics: challenges and new trends"

ULMA Handling Systems, in collaboration with the research and consulting company GLOBOPE Research and Consulting, has published a book called “Health Logistics: Challenges and New Trends”. Its aim is to make an extensive, detailed and updated review of the logistics process for materials, including numerous examples of logistics practices carried out today.
The book is divided into easy-to-follow chapters which analyse the different flow stages of materials from the supplier to the patient, together with associated information and purchasing process management. It also looks at different management models for hospital logistics, demand forecast techniques, stock management strategies, localization, dimensioning and warehouse design, the different subprocesses related to material flow (reception, location, order picking, etc.), the restocking function and reverse flow.