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ULMA Group favours the balance between body and mind

Dec 10, 2018
Since April, ULMA employees have been able to participate in yoga sessions imparted by the ULMA Group gymnasium at noon. The teacher and four students relay their experience.

MIREN ZUBELDIA member of the “HAZI infinito” wellness centre of Oñati goes to the ULMA installations three times a week to teach relaxation techniques to our employees.

“I believe it is a great advancement and an unparalleled initiative on the part of ULMA since by offering their employees the opportunity to do yoga, they are also investing in their health and wellbeing. Apart from helping to create body awareness and achieve mental alertness, yoga sessions help us achieve more flexibility, strength, the ability to relax, improve posture, stability, concentration, ability to handle our stress as well as make decisions and improve trust and acceptance in ourselves and in others. This way we will gradually improve our health and be more relaxed as well as improve our general state of wellbeing."


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