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ULMA Foundation, another year of intense charitable

In this brief summary we will review the major initiatives undertaken during 2015.
ULMA Foundation, another year of intense charitable
Dec 02, 2015

From ULMA Foundation, and on behalf of all our beneficiaries, we thank you for your invaluable collaboration.

| January-February
ULMA Foundation was backed by the solidarity of its workers who provided bags full of essential food and hygiene products, which were collected by members of ACOES Honduras and added to a container that was sent last March to be distributed amongst the most needy homes in Honduras.


| March
The annual trip to Illumbe to see Gipuzkoa Basket Club in action was well-attended by ULMA Group members and workers, who set off in three coaches from Oñati to enjoy the sporting event together with their families.


| April-November
A new feature this year involved adapting the ULMA Group reception area to host different exhibitions in which members and workers could express their artistic tendencies. The space was inaugurated with the work of the ULMA Construction member and photographer Natxo Santos.
This was followed by the “Oñati en el Recuerdo” (Memories of Oñati) photo exhibition, a collection of old photographs of the town of Oñati. November saw the arrival of Mundukide's travelling exhibition to celebrate its 15th anniversary and raise awareness of its work among cooperative members. In December the area will play host to an exhibition of paintings by great artists from Oñati, including retired ULMA members such as Vicente Elguero.


| May-December
ULMA Foundation collaborated with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in the early part of the year on an initiative to raise funds among workers to combat child malnutrition in order to send energy bars containing minerals and vitamins.
In autumn-winter, and once again in collaboration with the UNHCR, ULMA responded to the call to action with its campaign to help with the Syrian refugee crisis, opening several avenues of collaboration, including charitable contributions from members which will be deducted from their December pay packet.


| July
July saw ULMA Foundation's guided tour of the Arrikrutz caves, which included a special off-route caving trip known as “espeleolotxiki” designed for the whole family to enjoy and which provided first-hand experience of one of the most pioneering archaeological sites in the country and one of the most extensive cave systems in Gipuzkoa.


| July - October
The traditional crafts contest for the children of our members and workers was launched this year with the theme of “Recycling”. More than 50 original and highly creative entries, all made using recycled material, took part in this edition. On this occasion, the two bikes for the winners were sent on October 15 to Ajofrin (Toledo) and Arrasate (Gipuzkoa). The winning children, Daniel Martin (4 years old) and Lide Zubia (10 years old), are children of ULMA Construction workers.


| October
ULMA Foundation, a signatory which voluntarily joined the United Nations Global Compact in 2009, has issued its Progress Report covering the year 2014, in order to confirm that it complies with the fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.


| October - November
The theme chosen for the tenth ULMA Photography Competition is “typical of our region”, and the winning entries will be used to illustrate the 2016 Calendar. A superb Christmas hamper will be raffled among the participants and the twelve best photographs will appear in the new calendar that ULMA has prepared for 2016.


| November
As a final touch to the Mundukide travelling exhibition, and as a result of this collaboration with ULMA Foundation, Miren Amuriza appeared at the ULMA Group's Auditorium on 26 November with her performance: Kapulana bat zintzilik. ULMA workers and friends of the people of Oñati came to see the performance which was full of feeling and emotion. A great success.


| December
The cycling section of Aloña Kirol Mendi Elkartea will turn 50 in 2016. In order to commemorate this, ULMA has decided to redesign its riders' kit. There are two proposed designs and we are asking for the opinion of our internal staff who can vote to choose the kit that will be worn by the Aloña Mendi cycling team for their 50th anniversary. What's more, as in previous years, there is also the option to purchase this cycling kit. And the month of December means Christmas. To celebrate this Christmas, ULMA is collaborating with Mundukide and its digital charity postcard. The funds collected by sending these postcards will be sent to Mundukide, in order to contribute to its cause in those countries where it currently operates: Mozambique, Cuba and Brazil.