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ULMA and the pandemic

These have been hard, difficult months in which the pandemic has challenged our cooperative values. Today, one and a half years later, we can state that we are emerging stronger as a group, an example of solidarity and good practice. We would like to thank everybody at ULMA for your collaboration in dealing with this situation, because that is what has made it possible for us to keep our operations running in a safe working environment.
ULMA and the pandemic
Jul 14, 2021


ULMA immediately set up a Coronavirus Committee to monitor the situation and coordinate the required preventive response.  Its members are people from all our cooperatives, with internal advisors. They liaised with the health authorities to analyse developments and update protocols.  This Coronavirus Committee was formed to ensure the maximum protection of the health of all ULMA people, to comply with the instructions issued by the authorities and to complement them with additional actions deemed necessary to control the spread of the virus and safeguard the continuity of industrial activity. All these rules and instructions were specified in ULMA's General Action Protocol, which is mandatory for all those working at ULMA, and for external staff who access our facilities.


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