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TOTAL HEALTH, a new vision for the company

The definition of total health has two parts: Preventive measure integration strategy for occupational hazards, basically to be implemented by the company and health promotion, basically to be implemented by the working partner. And responds to the need for healthy people at work, which is possible if both of the above parts are working together.
TOTAL HEALTH, a new vision  for the company
Jul 21, 2016
If people are healthier at work companies will be healthier

Within the ULMA Group, in the area of promotion, a project has been implemented for promoting health – Izan Osasuntsu – with the aim of making a commitment to health management for the people who make up the Group and making health a strategic business objective and a value moving forward into the future.

For areas will be developed: the promotion of physical activity, the psychosocial environment, promoting healthy habits and health care.
Absenteeism levels currently range from 3 to 3.5 theoretical hours of work and are below the average levels of the cooperatives belonging to the Lagun Aro entity.
In the diagnoses of temporary disabilities at ULMA, pathologies resulting from cardiovascular diseases, mental disorders and neoplasms are a low percentage compared with other diagnoses.
Regarding the duration of temporary disability processes, musculoskeletal diseases represent 30% of the total duration.