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Susana Unzurrunzaga, 45 years working at ULMA

Susana Unzurrunzaga, ULMA Packaging. The longest working active member of the ULMA Group, at ULMA since May 1972.
Susana Unzurrunzaga, 45 years working at ULMA
Mar 28, 2017

If our information is correct, you’ve been with ULMA since May 1972. This is your 45th year with us, which makes you the longest working active member not just in Packaging, but in the entire ULMA Group. Did you know that? When are you planning on retiring?

I wasn’t entirely sure, but I did suspect that might be the case. Just a few days ago, I was talking about it with some of my co-workers who are also close to retirement and, doing the numbers, it seemed like I was the one who had been in Packaging the longest.
What I didn’t know was that I’ve also been here the longest out of anybody in the whole ULMA Group.
As far as when I’m retiring, it’s scheduled for the end of February, 2018. But, with the early retirement subsidies from Lagun-Aro, I’m pretty sure I’ll be retiring at the end of July this year. We’ll see what happens...