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Scope of ULMA Group's Occupational Safety and Health Department

The Occupational Safety and Health Department is currently formed by Iñaki Igarzabal as Department Coordinator, Anabel Luengo as Work Doctor, Maite Elguero and Mirari Malbadi as DUEs of the Company and Aitziber Campos as Occupation Risk Prevention Technician.
Scope of ULMA Group's Occupational Safety and Health Department
Jul 21, 2014

The daily activity develops in all the cooperatives of the group and can be grouped into four sections: Occupational Risk Prevention, Health Surveillance, Health Care and Health Promotion.

In the section on Occupational Risk Prevention the cooperatives are assessed through safety and health committees, progress reports are made regarding prevention, and they collaborate with the occupational risk prevention technicians in the evaluation of risks, adopting preventive measures and controlling the risk. The objectives of the Group for the coming years on this level will be: to increase the level of leadership in this area, to raise awareness and involve the entire group to ensure that all are necessary co-operators in the prevention of occupational risks. And to establish a prevention culture based on example and trust.

In the section regarding Health Surveillance, on both an individual basis and collectively this surveillance is carried out by medical check-ups, health surveys, issuing the findings to the cooperative, establishing preventive measures and studying work-related illnesses.

Some of the activities included under the Health Care heading are medical consultation in all the cooperatives, monitoring chronic illnesses, medical emergency assistance, regular analyses and information or training on healthcare. One of the goals we have set is to extend the coverage to expatriate members/workers.

The Occupational Safety and Health Department participates in the Group's Safety and Health Committee and the Technical Prevention Committee.

Health Promotion has started a new project which includes actions that have already been in use - Izan Osasuntsu. This project is essential to be able to face the future and ensure that healthcare is considered as a strategic business objective. The main objective of Izan Osasuntsu is to improve the health of the ULMA Group members by developing personal and collective abilities and responsibilities related to health management, self-care and personal development.

The actions that will be developed in this space are designed to promote physical activity, improve the psychosocial environment, promote healthy habits (drinking, eating, removing bad habits, etc.), with cardio protected spaces and actions towards the social environment.

Occupational Safety and Health Coordinator

At Group level he is involved in two committees: The Group's Safety and Health Committee, made up of the Prevention Coordinators in each one of the cooperatives, and whose function is to establish common strategies and advise the Social and Corporate Boards regarding Occupational Risk Prevention; and the Technical Prevention Committee formed by the Occupational Risk Prevention technicians, created to unify technical criteria and develop and notify the best practices' tools. In addition, he represents the ULMA Group as a body before entities such as Osarten.