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Raúl Illaro, ULMA Conveyor Components

Employees and partners of the Group make their professional career compatible with very demanding hobbies where they show that all obstacles can be overcome with talent and hard work.
Raúl Illaro, ULMA Conveyor Components
Jul 19, 2017


Raúl Illaro, from ULMA Conveyor Components combines his professional responsibilities with his passion for restoring electric guitars.

Rupture, transgression, art, creativity, protest, passion, brashness, rebelliousness, intimacy, dreams, madness. A cry of freedom, a call to life. Is that what we hear when we listen to Jimi Hendrix? What scenes do the sounds of Jimmy Page bring to our mind? Where do Eric Clapton’s chords take us?.

Again and again we fail whenever we try to decipher the universal message of rock. It goes beyond labels, it doesn’t fit a single interpretation. That’s why it’s so hard to put a name on the unstoppable urge to play the electric guitar felt by Raúl Illaro, member of ULMA Conveyor Components management.


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