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New image and corporate visual identity for ULMA

Jul 14, 2021
Throughout 2020 and the first months of 2021, the Group's Communication Committee worked on and coordinated the project to review the corporate image and visual identity, which has recently been approved by the corporate bodies of the ULMA Group.

This is an important revision project that has adapted, ordered and defined all the graphic and visual keys of ULMA for the next decade.

To put the project in context, it is important to note that the ULMA Group's Communication, Image and Identity Policy is defined in the POGU (ULMA Group Organisational Policy) and is specified in the management and coordination of the Group's external and internal communication and in the use and protection of the ULMA brand. It is precisely on this issue of the Brand where most of the weight of our Corporate Image and Visual Identity is focused. The final objective is to build a consistent, distinctive and sustained Group image and corporate identity over time.


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