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Nerea Arregui - The other talents of ULMA Group

Employees and partners of the Group make their professional career compatible with very demanding hobbies in which they demonstrate that all obstacles can be overcome with talent and effort. Neither the impertinence of the alarm clock nor arduous journeys can beat them. They form part of the family of employees of ULMA Group, and perfectly combine the responsibility of complying with the obligations of their profession with activities such as elite sport or music. They are hobbies by they go far beyond training.
Nerea Arregui - The other talents of ULMA Group
Jul 17, 2015


The only thing that wears down Nerea Arregui is inactivity. She was born 26 years ago in Zarautz, she lives in Elgoibar and works in Oñati but moving from one place to another is a routine that she balances in perfect harmony. She is a logistics engineer at ULMA Handling Systems and you can be sure that the rigorous planning required to automate warehouses contributes to her good time management because, in addition to complying with her professional commitments, she has a great passion in which she spares on effort: handball. Nerea plays for Aiala Zarautz, a team that has just gained promotion to the premier division of women's handball after 32 years in the lower leagues thanks, among other things, to the 65 goals she has scored this season, which make this engineer the third highest goal scorer in her all-star team. She competes at the weekend, trains practically every day and it is rare that she gets home before eleven o'clock at night. p>

Me encanta la competición, necesito descargar mi energía y estar con mis amigas.

“"I love competition. I like winning, a lot. I need to unload my energy and be with my friends. For me it is relaxing and when you see that the results accompany you it is easier", , she assures. For Nerea, handball is fun. She started to play this sport as a young girl, driven by her school friends who started to form a team, and since them she has combined competition with the rest of the tasks in her daily routine. Despite the great things this sport has given her, the idea of exclusively dedicating herself to handball is not one that enters her head.

““In my mind I do not consider it becoming a profession. We do not earn money. There are very few who live off handball. Women's sport in general is not well valued"”, "•, she adds. The priority of Nerea Arregui is her work at ULMA Handling Systems but she is anticipating next season with great excitement and the hope of avoiding relegation and writing a new successful chapter in the history of her team. she says, full of excitement.

>> Nerea Arregui during a match with her handball team, Aiala Zarautz