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Mikel Díez, ULMA Packaging

Many people in the Group make their professional career compatible with very demanding hobbies where they demonstrate that all obstacles can be overcome with talent and hard work.
Mikel Díez, ULMA Packaging
Jul 18, 2018


Mikel Díez, who has been the industrialization technician at the ULMA Packaging technological centre for 7 years, is a great fan of all outdoor sports but in recent years he has focused on mountain climbing.

Mikel’s passion for the mountains has its origin in the enthusiasm for skiing that he inherited from his parents. He started ski mountaineering to avoid the crowds at the ski resorts and it showed him the world of the mountains in winter. One Easter Week while skiing in the Alps with his family he saw Mont Blanc for the first time and promised himself that he would go there one day.


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