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Maite Zabaleta, ULMA Handling Systems

Employees and partners of the Group make their professional career compatible with very demanding hobbies in which they demonstrate that all obstacles can be overcome with talent and hard work.
Maite Zabaleta, ULMA Handling Systems
Dec 11, 2017


All her life, Maite Zabaleta has been connected with mountains: her family, her work and her passion, trail running, a demanding sport involving running along mountain trails.
Maite was born in Oñati 35 years ago. She now lives in Aretxabaleta and works as an administrative officer at ULMA Handling Systems, also in Oñati. She is so dedicated to trail running that she uses her lunch hour to run 10 kilometres in the area around the cooperative. She does this every day, except for “active rest” day. “I’m using to going out, training, eating and then going back to work”.  Why? “For me it’s more of a rest than an obligation. I switch off so I’m able to get rid of everything in my head”, she explains.


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