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Language sessions to learn or improve Basque at the ULMA Group

For many years the ULMA Group has been offering courses to learn and improve Basque. Several employees who taught or attended the 2018-2019 course describe their experience.
Language sessions to learn or improve Basque at the ULMA Group
Jul 11, 2019

of academia Koma has been giving courses for ten years at ULMA Group

“Normally, the classes I give at ULMA are group classes with students from different businesses. Some groups have an hour and a half class twice a week, while others have a three-hour class once a week; we call this last one the bazkaltegia mode. During the first part of the class we’re usually in class and the rest of the time we’ll go out to eat. At the beginning of the course we establish the objectives and methodology and then we try to carry everything out. Our classes are very communicative in nature; we talk a lot, but we also dedicate a lot of time to theory and exercises in the sessions lasting from October to June.”

A member of EMUN Kooperatiba, she has given brief courses at ULMA

“The objective is to increase the use of the Basque language. To achieve this, it is essential that those who do not know Basque take steps to learn it and for Basque speakers to improve their communication capabilities. With that objective we have offered these courses. On the one hand, there are courses aimed at learning Basque: a beginners module (A1) and a module for those with a bit more knowledge (A2); We also offer training sessions to improve Writing and for communicating in public in a manner that is comfortable and proper. The greatest achievement for beginners is their first contact with the Basque language and we try to generate interest so that they continue working to understand the language. Regarding the people in the training groups, they learn different resources to communicate more correctly. One of the pillars of our methodology is to “learn by using”.


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