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Izan Osasuntsu, Promotion Programme of the ULMA environmental Health

Promoting occupational health is putting into practice a series of initiatives to improve the health of the workers and increase their own control over health in the same work spaces.
Izan Osasuntsu, Promotion Programme of the ULMA environmental Health
Mar 31, 2014

The main objective of this campaign is to improve the health of the Grupo ULMA partners by developing personal and collective abilities and responsibilities related to health management, self-care and personal development of the partners.

During this year, from the occupational health area we will be developing policies and activities aimed at meeting this objective.


(Valentin Fuster, cardiologist)

| Plan your work: Establishing an order or priority in your tasks, looking for and adding the contact data of the persons involved or putting alarms on the computer to control the times or the moment for making a call can help to optimise the work flow.

| Adequate illumination: Insufficient illumination can cause visual fatigue and headaches but also somnolence and lack of concentration. Natural light is the healthiest, dimmed by curtains or stained windows to modulate the luminosity, but if this is not possible, try to avoid fluorescent lighting and choose warm lighting.

| Body posture: Frequently changing your posture or doing exercises with your shoulders and neck promotes cervical health. Standing up and walking every now and again also helps to waken your muscles and avoid back aches. Control your body position. If you spend hours at a desk you should have furniture that promotes a healthy position.

| Adequate furniture: The table should be spacious, it is convenient that the chair has a headrest and flexible back and that there is a footrest under the table. | Standing-up work: If your workday is done standing-up, you should be able to sit down every now and then and you should wear shoes with reinforced insteps and low heels.

| Mid-morning rest: This help to reactivate mind and body. Activate the body. The posture is as important as flexibility. Ideally disconnect not only form the work, but also from labour relations and personal worries.

| Eat healthy also at work: Using a Tupperware can help to prepare light foods that do not hinder your work in the afternoon, avoid fast-foods and control your diet. Fruit can decorate the desk and be a healthy snack, in addition to providing additional energy for your daily activity.

| Personalise your environment: Good emotional health is the best company to vitalise your daily routine, family photos, little desk gifts or the drawings done by your children are fundamental support elements. Plants at the work space reduce stress and increase optimism. Include plants in your work space to reduce stress, alleviates depressive symptoms and increases optimism. It is best to choose the ones that last all year round, the ones that adapt to all types of light and without flowers, because these latter ones require more care. Aromatic plants like mint, thyme, or rosemary can be alternatives that add well-being to your work day through their aroma.

| Take care of your senses: Noise, smells or temperature can affect well-being and concentration at your work. A practical suggestion is to reduce the sound of your mobile phone as much as possible, as well as the sound effects from your computer.

| Finalise your work-day with order: Planning your day in advance is as important as finishing it with your mind free to enjoy your leisure time. To do that, you can organise your work space before leaving it by organising your desk or noting down the work pending for the next day.