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Employability plan. A rewarding effort

Dec 09, 2021
We wanted to recognise, through a round table, the effort made by many of our members over the last few months in the Employability Plan that ULMA has implemented in the last two years.

On behalf of them all, the following people have shared the round table with ULMA; Elena Iglesias (E.L), Mikel Martín (M.M) and José Manuel Mata (J.M.M).

When did you start to hear about the Employability Plan? What was it that prompted you to take the step?

E.I. I heard about it at the plant. I think it was in 2019 when we started to hear a bit and it was the head of personnel who called us to a meeting and told us a little about how this would work. Then they came from Miguel Altuna to explain it to us. It caught me a bit off guard because I didn't know of the existence of an initiative like this.

J.M.M. In my case, I found out at the Executive Board as I was there at that time and they explained a bit of what they were going to do. Later, when they told us from personnel it became clearer.

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