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Children’s workshops in June, Solidarity collection of eyeglasses for Senegal and Electric Mobility at ULMA

Jul 11, 2019
This section provides an update on the activity that your Foundation is undertaking, in collaboration with the employees that comprise ULMA, as a way to channel our commitment with the transformation of society into a more humanized and sustainable model.

Work-Life Balance: Children’s workshops in June

During the first three weeks of June when there are only classes in the morning, we try to help parents balance their work and family lives. To accomplish this we have organized the fourth edition of the children’s workshops at ULMA designed for children ages 4 and up, from 2 to 6 in the afternoon, so that their parents can go to work with the peace of mind that their children are having fun. [...]

Solidarity collection of eyeglasses for Senegal

Until July 15th we’ve been collecting eyeglasses for Senegal: prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. The purpose of this collection was to help the Ndank Ndank association of Bergara, in which several employee at ULMA are involved.
Ndank Ndank is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting interculturalism and developing cooperation programs in Senegal. A group of volunteers from this association will travel to Senegal from 4-18 August to personally deliver all the eyeglasses we collect. Additionally, they will bring an eye exam machine donated by the Uzuri optics clinic of Elgoibar. [...]



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