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Attracting talent, a new challenge for companies

Let’s move on, if we have not already done so, from do you want to work with us? to do I want to work with you?
Attracting talent, a new challenge for companies
Dec 11, 2017

For the answer to that question to be positive, companies have to implement plans and actions that increase our Corporate Reputation.  It seems evident that one of the keys will be to build your Employer Mark in the Communication environment.  It is true, in our case, that the Brand Identity built over the years makes us go one step further in the perception that talent has of us.

However, completely mastery of all phases and alignment of all the elements that affect this perception will make a difference and will make us a benchmark for talent.

To this end, we have met with different students and teachers at Enpresagintza and the Higher Polytechnic School of MONDRAGON Unibertsitatea to learn more about the situation of the new generations of young people who will be entering the labour market.  The importance of dual training, new motivations, both professional and personal, or the characteristics of companies that attract them are just some of the keys that they have offered us.


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