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We reward your sustainable mobility

From home to work and from work to home: accumulate cycles and redeem your cycles for gifts
We reward your sustainable mobility
Apr 18, 2018

As from 2 May, ULMA is launching the Ciclogreen programme in Oñati, which will reward the kilometres you take to go to work in a sustainable way: walking, cycling, skating, running, carpooling, or riding a LanBus.

We encourage you to leave your car at home and move in a sustainable way. It is healthier, environmentally friendly, more economical, produces well-being, oxygenates the brain, helps fight stress, provides a break from the sedentary lifestyle, helps keep our neurons in good shape, and can earn you a prize!


Would you like to sign up?

To participate, just take these two simple steps:

1. Sign up on the website www.ekokilometro.ulma.com

2. Download the free Ciclogreen app on your mobile.

You now have everything to start counting your sustainable kilometres!


How are the kilometres counted?

When you start your journey, open the Ciclogrren app, select the way you are going to move, and press Play. Your route is drawn on the map as you move, as you allow the app to know your location. When you reach your destination, press Stop to end the activity and save your progress.


Accumulate cycles and redeem your cycles for gifts. The business trips to and from ULMA in Oñati will be valid, from Monday to Friday, until 7 pm.


Where can I redeem my gifts?

Visit the website www.ekokilometro.ulma.com to view your cycles achieved, kilometres travelled, the CO2 levels you have stopped emitting to the atmosphere, amounts in euro saved by not consuming petrol, and even the kilocalories you have burnt with your activity.

On the same website, you can see the catalogue of gifts we have prepared and exchange your cycles whenever you want. There is an annual exchange limit of €200 per person.

Cheer up!

All the business trips to ULMA in Oñati have a bidegorri (bicycle lane), which makes it very easy to access without a car. You can exercise, breathe and enjoy the scenery before you go to work. If you come from a distance area, you have the choice of going carpooling, which is also an environmentally friendly practice.

The aim of the programme is to change customs towards more sustainable and healthy habits, thus leaving room in the car park for people who inevitably have to use a car, and to make ULMA a more responsible company.

Many companies already have this programme in place: Decathlon, Seur, HP, Carrefour, the Universities of Navarra, the Basque Country, Malaga, Murcia, Leon, Cadiz, Alicante, Granada, Valladolid, Zaragoza, etc. are already awarding sustainable mobility of its groups with Ciclogreen.

We know that changing acquired habits is something that can be costly and that the comfort or the inertia may be too hard to overcome, but if you make a little effort, ULMA will reward you. Will you help us?