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Visit of students from Txantxiku Ikastola to ULMA Packaging

Nov 29, 2018
As in previous years, on 27 November, we welcomed the visit of the fourth-year students of the ESO of Txantxiku Ikastola.

The visit, which lasted about two hours, was divided into three parts. In the first of them, the students had the opportunity to learn more about all aspects that involve being and being part of a cooperative. In addition, they had the possibility to compare different types of cooperatives such as their own ikastola (Basque language school). In the second part, the students were able to learn more about ULMA’s history, from its creation until the present time. The third part was the most dynamic, in which the students could see the ULMA Packaging activity on-site by visiting two of the most active lines at the moment: Flow Pack and Thermoforming.

During the visit, the students showed their concerns regarding two aspects that are crucail for ULMA Packaging: on the one hand, the importance that is given to the Basque language within the company and, on the other hand, the training required to be able to start working at ULMA Packaging.

With this type of visit, ULMA Packaging seeks to bring the business world closer to the academic world, thereby taking advantage of the synergies that may arise from both sides