• Ulma Handling Systems

Under the slogan “The Industry 4.0 – present and future”, ULMA Handling Systems participates in the panel of experts organised by the newspaper DEIA

Oct 25, 2018
The roundtable, moderated by Aitor Cobanera, Director of Innovation and Technology of SPRI, was attended by the Chief Technical Officer of KEINETIC TECHNOLOGIES, the Chief Executive Officer of GAIA, the Director of Business Development of EGA SOLUTION, and Juan Jesús Alberdi, Chief Executive Officer of ULMA Handling Systems.

“Companies are behind the opportunities offered by technology”, commented Juan Jesús Alberdi, while emphasising the importance of “integrating these technologies in a smart way in companies in order to continue taking steps forward”.

The purpose of the event to learn more about the position of the Basque industry and to know what steps must be taken to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.