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ULMA Piping joins the FIGHT FAKE PRODUCTS initiative

Jul 15, 2016
ULMA Piping is a member of the FIGHT FAKE PRODUCTS association.

This initiative brings together renowned manufactures to combat the falsification of pipes, flanges and accessories. To date 17 manufacturers have joined the initiative with the idea of developing an action plan to combat unfair competition, an activity that poses risks for both industry and society.

There exists a parallel market where quality is replaced by the search for a cheaper product. In attempting to combine both quality and low cost, many companies and salespeople cross the line in terms of legality, leading to all negative consequences that such a move entails.

The objective of the initiative is very clear: fight against such illegal activities with all means possible. The battle consists of making it clear that such practices are illegal.

ULMA Piping joins the FIGHT FAKE PRODUCTS initiative