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ULMA Piping cooperativises its forging plant in Lazkao

The plan seeks to offer stability, promote cooperative values, and boost the company’s positioning in new strategic industrial sectors
ULMA Piping cooperativises its forging plant in Lazkao
Jul 25, 2018

ULMA Piping, a global leader in the manufacturing of forged fittings, flanges and fittings for the Oil & Gas sector, has approved the absorption of ULMA Lazkao Forging, a company acquired by the Oñati-based firm in 2010. With this decision, a process has been launched through which ULMA Lazkao Forging employees are incorporated as cooperative members of ULMA Piping, with the same rights as the rest of the current partners.

“Since the incorporation of ULMA Lazkao Forging, former Forges of Lazcano, to the ULMA Piping project, it has been clear that the process should be completed with this integration. In addition to savings from the elimination of duplicities, this union should give greater stability to the activity of the company and its workers and facilitate the alignment of our strategic objectives”, said the Manager of ULMA Piping, Jesús Urien.

Forjas de Lazcano was acquired by ULMA Piping more than 7 years ago, at a time when the company was experiencing difficulties. After the operation, which the company was renamed ULMA Lazkao Forging, a strategic plan was launched that sought a new commercial positioning, based on a strong investment programme. The mission was to reactivate the company.

One of the most important axes of the actions undertaken to revitalise the activity of the new ULMA Lazkao Forging was to invest in highly demanding sectors such as industrial valves, turbine blades, or components for aeronautics. ULMA Piping focused in the Oil & Gas sector, and this diversification gives us more possibilities and reduces our risk by concentration.

Production Capacity and Flexibility.

The acquisition of ULMA Lazkao Forging also aimed to combine the large-scale production capacity of the ULMA Piping Business with the agility to serve smaller orders and the flexibility to enter niche markets, which characterises smaller companies.  At present, ULMA Lazkao Forging, which ended 2017 with €13 million in sales, is a consolidated company, employing more than 60 people.

The merger will make it easier to establish synergies and thus approach the market from a new perspective, offering our customers a more cohesive offer. Our goal is to serve all our clients in an integral way, in order to reinforce our positioning as a company and as a brand”, added Jesús Urien.

The Manager of ULMA Piping also highlights that the operation is in tune with the philosophy and business vision of the ULMA Group and that, in addition to business benefits such as the promotion of a joint strategy and a harmonised social and business plan, it contributes to the economic development of its area of ​​influence and generation of employment.

ULMA Piping, which manufactures forged accessories for pipes, flanges and fittings for the oil & gas, petrochemicals and power generation industries, leads the sector thanks to its production and technological capacity. The company is one of the eight Businesses of the ULMA Group, present in more than 80 countries, with a workforce of almost 5,000 people and a business volume close to €800 million.