• Ulma Handling Systems

ULMA Handling Systems team with the food bank

Dec 09, 2019
Partners of ULMA Handling Systems have participated in the large collection of the food bank and in its classification, with families included.

A few months ago, ULMA Handling Systems established a working group aimed at social transformation. And the participants of this group were eager to start. Their first steps were initiated with the Bergara food bank, and they have been in contact for the past few months.

In November, the large collection of the food bank was held, and the transformation team got down to work. In total, 11 people participated in the collection, in different supermarkets and shops in Alto Deba. Their mission: to explain the “collection” to the people who visited the stores and store the products purchased in the boxes.

In addition, a week after the celebration of the large collection, a group from UHS, together with their families, visited the Bergara warehouse to support the classification of all the food collected during the large collection.