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ULMA Handling Systems opens its doors to dual training

ULMA Handling Systems continues to play an active part in the Dual training offered by Mondragon Group, this time opening its doors to all young graduates to study a Dual Master's Degree at the Cooperative
ULMA Handling Systems opens its doors to dual training
Apr 29, 2019

ULMA Handling Systems continues to support Mondragon Group's Dual training method, which students will take part in right from the start of their Master's Degree studies. This experience is described as a different form of training, the aim being to alternate both study and work in order to gain experience, thus providing a real vision of what the future profession involves.

ULMA Handling Systems has grown its workforce every year for the past 14 years. "In this new digital era and based on our forecast, our aim is to continue building and strengthening the base of logistics 4.0 on our most important pillar, namely our experts' talent," explained Karlos Aitor Pérez, Director of the Human Resources Division at ULMA Handling Systems.

Talent is the most important pillar at ULMA Handling Systems, and it is essential that students have the option to train in real projects in order to develop their knowledge and skills while being part of this innovative project. Only when all the parts work harmoniously in coordination with mathematical precision can we say that the logistics are finally tuned. That's why we only work with the best: our team of over 450 experienced professionals, today's know-how, and that little something special.