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Ulma Handling Systems

ULMA Handling Systems, new image, same essence

ULMA Handling Systems embarks on a new brand strategy project where the main objective is to take its essence abroad with a new image
ULMA Handling Systems, new image, same essence
Jan 23, 2020

With a history of more than 35 years, ULMA Handling Systems continues to evolve, to transform. And it has decided to change its skin, whilst conserving its essence, to become stronger, to be closer. “In the business world, growing and changing is essential in a company's life cycle. And every brand must reflect the company's essence.

Our business evolves to reach further, with new solutions and better services and more of them. For this, it is important that our brand grows in the same way”, said Juan Jesus Alberdi, CEO of ULMA Handling Systems.

At ULMA Handling Systems we have a history, a brand and a team that are a guarantee of confidence. We are passionate about what we do”, said Alberdi. “In addition, at ULMA we know that each project is unique, they each have a bit of ULMA and a bit of our customers,” continued Alberdi.

The main focus of the reflection of the new brand strategy has been for the customer to feel accompanied at all times by ULMA. The brand positioning required an evolution, whilst maintaining the essence of its values. The result, a new brand concept; “A Singular Intralogistics Engineering Firm” and a new slogan: “We handle your success”, a key message that ensures its accompanies its customers to success.

The new brand is transferred on its new website

All the work carried out over the last few months is launched with the new ULMA Handling Systems website, which has been restructured with its visitors in mind, where they can find new sections aimed at offering greater service, more information, closer and more visual.