• Ulma Handling Systems


May 24, 2017
ULMA Handling Systems continues to increase the number of professionals and creates a project to attract talent in this new era in which it is immersed, the era of logistics 4.0. All this, with an historic recruitment and forecast

ULMA Handling Systems has continued to increase its workforce for more than 12 consecutive years, and in the first quarter of this year, 20 experts have already joined the group of professionals at the logistics engineering cooperative.

"A transformation is taking place from B2B and B2C to C2B, where the customer is the driving force behind the activity", said Juan Jesús Alberdi, CEO of ULMA Handling Systems. "A radical change is occurring in value added processes. It's the era of Logistics 4.0," finished Alberdi.

It is important to note that ULMA Handling Systems has an historic recruitment and forecast for the coming years, both nationally and internationally. France is one of the countries in which ULMA has its own subsidiary and it has increased its French staff by 200%, a number that reflects the cooperative's current situation. Brazil is another of the countries in which the number of professionals has increased, in this case by 30%.

"Within this new era and our historic forecast, our goal is to continue building and strengthening the logistics 4.0 base, on our most important mainstay, our experts' talent" explained Karlos Aitor Pérez, Director of the People Area of ULMA Handling Systems. That is why at ULMA they have created the "Gazte proiektua 4.0" to attract talent to the cooperative. To date, in this first edition, 23 people are part of this project led by the cooperative, who develop their skills alongside the professionals of ULMA Handling Systems.

During this project young people develop their knowledge and skills both professionally and personally alongside their external tutors and their mentors at ULMA, having the option to become small but important experts. In addition, the aim of this project is to generate an employment opportunity for the students who are part of this innovative project.

Since the most important pillar is talent, ULMA Handling Systems is actively participating in events to attract talent with the aim of continuing to lay the foundations of this new era. In recent months, ULMA has been present in the employment forums organised by the University of Deusto and Tecnun University, in the talent forum also organised by Deusto, it took part in the open day organised by Mondragon Unibertsitatea and the Guipuzcoa Talent Forum, among others.