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ULMA Handling Systems advances towards the health sector

Health sector oriented Logistics has become more important at ULMA Handling Systems in recent years, where the combination of engineering and new technologies aimed at the health sector today stand out in an interesting market niche. The challenge currently faced by the health sector is focused on providing an efficient solution for material management and storage system in hospitals, considering product safety and traceability parameters of vital importance.
ULMA Handling Systems advances towards the health sector
Jan 13, 2014

It is worth highlighting in this context the opening of the new ULMA subsidiary in Santiago de Chile, which will be oriented towards the study and development of projects aimed at health sector logistics.

The subsidiary will have professionals with a recognised career in the health sector working for them. Furthermore, they will receive support from HQ regarding the management and development of sector oriented projects.

Moreover, with a view to improving presence in this sector, ULMA has designed a new Hospital Logistics catalogue, which includes all the products and services we offer the health sector. Furthermore, the book “Hospital Logistics: Challenges and New Trends”, published in collaboration with the research and consultancy firm GLOBOPE, will soon see the light.

Today, ULMA has collaboration agreements with companies like Oppent and Pharmathek, which offer pneumatic systems, AGVs and robot dispensers respectively, for the Brazilian, Chilean, Mexican, Colombian and Peruvian markets.

Regarding the domestic market, ULMA took part in the PHARMACEUTICAL LOGISTICS  conference given by Jesus Maria Matilla on 27th November last, who talked about basic guidelines for optimum logistics management in hospital and pharmaceutical organisations.

In addition, it is also worth highlighting the development of a project for Centro Médico Imbanaco in Colombia, which will be the first major contract for ULMA hospital logistics.

Said logistics project will have 2 ULMA horizontal carousels and a vertical one.

In addition, it will have automatic dispensing cabinets, Pick to Light devices and IK Health software.