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ULMA Construction's LinkedIn channel surpasses 10,000 followers

ULMA Construction's digital ecosystem, designed to foster the connection with its customers, is becoming increasingly consolidated every year, providing, together with traditional media, a greater sphere of influence.
ULMA Construction's LinkedIn channel surpasses 10,000 followers
Feb 26, 2019

The recent update of the corporate and local websites, along with the increasing number of subscribers both to ULMA's Construction Magazine e-News and to its LinkedIn and YouTube channels, show the public's affinity for and interest in the content shared by ULMA.

ULMA now has more than 10,200 followers on professional social network site LinkedIn, who as well as staying up to date, contribute with their opinions and share ULMA's construction projects and solutions with new users from their own professional network, becoming brand influencers and increasing its growth.

ULMA's LinkedIn channel's group of subscribers or followers is made up of a skilled public, 43% of whom have ties to the construction sector, 12.4% with civil engineering, 4.6% with industrial engineering and 3% with architecture, and various other professional profiles.

However, it is ULMA's members and employees, who form 6.5% of those subscribers, that participate more actively together with distributors and customers with whom ULMA has worked closely on various construction projects, contributing expert points of view, acting as ULMA ambassadors and conveying the image of a committed group with a feeling of belonging to a common project, lending relevance and renown to ULMA's corporate image.

Among the content that aroused the most interest in 2018 was the project for the refurbishment of the Ágora building in Valencia, the video on the industrial projects in Peru and the project for the construction of viaduct 21, part of Poland's S7 Motorway; while the publication on the construction of the New Ross bridge in Ireland enjoyed the most interaction with users on the channel.