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ULMA Construction Poland celebrates its silver jubilee

The Polish subsidiary of ULMA Construction will be celebrating its silver jubilee throughout this year. It took its first steps in March 1989 when it was recorded in the companies register as BAUMA Sp. z o.o. Today it operates under its tax name ULMA Construccion Polska. 25 years later it is now one of main formwork and scaffolding agents in Poland and the world.
ULMA Construction Poland celebrates its silver jubilee
Apr 25, 2014

ULMA Construction’s positioning in Poland is the result of experience acquired in large projects carried out there and in the rest of the world.

In addition, the ongoing evolution of the company has played an essential role in favouring customer oriented service standards, not to mention adjusting to constant market charges.

With a view to maintaining this leadership position and increasing response capacity, new logistics centres at  Poznań, Jaworzno, Koszajec (near Warsaw) and Gdańsk have joined the existing ones.

ULMA Construction’s status in Poland has enabled them to carry out works of prestige like the

Warminska Gallery in Olsztyn, Kraków Arena sports and entertainment hall, Noble Tower in Poznań, Kielce Trade Fairs Congress Centre,  Kozienice Electrical Power Station, Połaniec Electrical Power Station,  M. Skłodowska-Curie Bridge in Warsaw, University Motorway in Bydgoszcz, Elżbieta Zawacka General Bridge in Toruń or Pomeranian Metropolitan Railways, to name just a few examples.