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ULMA Construction continues to publish new local websites

ULMA Construction’s internationalisation vocation, analysis, understanding and adaptation to the culture and the construction methods of each country are also reflected in the digital field.
ULMA Construction continues to publish new local websites
Feb 27, 2017

This adaptation translates into the unique and particular way in which ULMA Construction addresses the audiences that make up each market. Along with its international corporate website, ULMA Construction currently has 13 other websites and 2 landing pages that showcase the portfolio of formworks, scaffolds and safety systems selected for each market, to address adequately the reality of each country and the needs of each customer.

Since the publication of the international corporate website www.ulmaconstruction.com, for about three years, the incorporation of local websites into the common content management platform has been progressively carried out. In the past three years, we have updated the websites and landing pages with localised content and domains, targeted at the markets of Spain, Poland, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Italy, Argentina, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, United States, Canada and Portugal, in line with the same editorial and aesthetic line, easily identifiable and associable with ULMA Construction.

The competitive value of the ULMA Construction team lies primarily in its commitment and involvement in the safe, efficient and cost-effective development of all projects, which is only possible through a close relationship with the customer. The language, linguistic nuances and use of different technical terms in each market are part of some of the key aspects that ensure the connection between ULMA Construction and its customers and facilitate the encounter in the digital field by combining what customers seek with what ULMA Construction offers while favouring the ULMA’s appearance among the first results returned by the most popular search engines in each country.