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ULMA Construcción reaches the heights of Toronto

The Four Seasons tower, an emblematic construction in Toronto, is one of ULMA Construcción’s first projects in Canada. It is located in the heart of Yorkville, an area of intense cultural activity featuring the most expensive and coveted floor space in the city. Standing 204 meters tall and with 57 floors, the building is now complete.
ULMA Construcción reaches the heights of Toronto
Sep 26, 2013

The building’s setting in the heart of the city necessitated additional measures. The project pioneers the use of the HWS Hydraulic Windshield System. The protective screens covering the building's entire perimeter have a dual function: they enhance safety during execution of the structure and the two subsequent structures, and act as access and storage platforms. The building uses inclined panels with integrated storage platforms which makes it possible to move used material to other floors. Furthermore, a portable hydraulic unit means cranes are not required to move the screens and other materials, saving time and money. This protection is based on the MK System, and, thanks to the use of standard struts and simple joins, is suitable for the geometry and requirements of this project. The HWS system guarantees worker safety and prevents damage to the buildings during construction.