ULMA Construcción executing one of Peru’s emblematic projects — ULMA Begira

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ULMA Construcción executing one of Peru’s emblematic projects

The electric train works in the city of Lima include construction of a 12.5 km elevated viaduct and 8 stations in Line 1. This railway will solve the main problem afflicting the Peruvian capital: the traffic and public transport chaos suffered by over 300,000 passengers every day.
ULMA Construcción executing one of Peru’s emblematic projects
Jan 22, 2013

With the goal of providing a suitable response for each structure and in light of the tight execution deadlines, the MK System is being used as the main solution for all of the configurations. Having the right team and logistics set-up has made it possible to facilitate all the material within the agreed delivery deadlines.

The ENKOFORM VMK has been used as vertical formwork in the more than 400 supports required in a viaduct of this length.

At a height of more than 7 meters and featuring an octagonal cross-section, it supports the highest stresses from concrete. While ENKOFORM HMK capped with ALUPROP towers was used for the heads and the sides. These same systems were used along with COMAIN and NEVI formwork for the end of the slabs and beams.

In the curved sections, where pre-tensed beams are not required, both ALUPROP and MK beams have been used, each bearing 108 t (27 t per support).

MK's versatility means it has been used for anything from footbridges to structures for cars to drive on. The system has met the client’s most exacting demands.

Because this region has seismic activity, the built structure has enough supports to distribute the forces and increase safety during transversal and longitudinal movements.